Operations / Digital Print

Digital Print is a company specialized in digital printing and which stands out since 2002, the year of its foundation. It has always invested in high quality machines and specialized staff, in order to offer the best technology and the best service and so obtain the best results.

DIGITAL PRINT offers printing solutions to small and large formats, indoors and outdoors, in various types of vynil, canvas, fabric and even mat, and guarantees quality and durability also in direct printing on hard surfaces such as PVC, ABS, wood or metallic plate.

DIGITAL PRINT has solutions for serigraphy, embroidery and offset printing, thus maintaining a structure capable of coping with the market demands, with machinery that ensures speed and quality and, above all, the satisfaction of its customers.

DIGITAL PRINT employs 80 professionals.

Special Edition in Imagens de Marca
Special Edition and Muki at the tv program Imagens de Marca.
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