The Angolan leading company in outdoor advertising offers various solutions to the market in all the country’s provinces.

Boom is the company committed in creating trends through its business units: Boom Store, Boom SMS, Boom Kumbu and Boom Music.

Boom kumbu is the first and leading web site for online recharge of pre paid services in Angola.

The printing company for small and large formats, offering solutions for various indoors and outdoors surfaces.

The company operating on brand activation in all market segments that provides below the line and through the line promotions, events and POS initiatives.

The oldest company in Angola dedicated to market research and studies operates since 2005 with a 100% professionalized collecting model.

Muki - Digital Agency is the group business unit dedicated to digital services like websites, social media, email and mobile marketing, among others.

The planning and media buying agency, which belongs to OMD Group and knows angolan media like no other entity.

ON MEDIA EUROPE elaborates studies for activity development in marketing and advertising areas in the Portuguese, Angolan and international markets.

A ONMEDIA operates in Mozambique, with media planning and media selling services.

ON MEDIA is also in South Africa, with media planning and media buying services.

Original Brands arose from the need to create different, appealing and impactful ideas. It is said that all ideas are original, but there are some more original than others.

POP is the group’s company offering merchandising, point of sale and window dressing solutions.

Is the holding's advertising agency, which is part of TBWA \ WORLDWIDE and works the creativity and strategy in the Angolan market.

UANDA – Integrated Communication and Public Relations is the group’s company providing communication consultancy services.

Welcome to Angola is a project from ON MEDIA that publishes and distributes maps, itineraries and touristic guides, in paper and online.

The company dedicated to advertising monitoring in different media and to the advertising market intelligence.

Special Edition in Imagens de Marca
Special Edition and Muki at the tv program Imagens de Marca.
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