We try to achieve an annual growth of revenues of 25%, being, however, at this stage a priority the investment that will allow us to ensure growth and a strong position in the market. Investment in human resources, equipment and facilities is crucial to achieve this goal and maintain a sustainable growth in the future.

Regarding the importation of products and services, we do everything that we can to increasingly reduce the amount of imported products and services, necessary to develop the performance of our companies in Angola.

For businesses outside of Angola, the Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, where we have companies already implemented, are those where we have a clear advantages and in which we have about 15% to 25% billing, depending on the business unit. Also South Africa is a country where we have a business unit.

It is our goal to keep the constant research and analysis of new business opportunities in Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as in other African countries.
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