Special Edition Holding is the group that brings together several companies operating in the communication and marketing industry: billboards, advertising, media, market research, media and public relations, monitoring, printing, corporate image.

Founded in 2009, Special Edition Holding was born from the need to aggregate all the companies that were part of the same shareholder chain in a single structure, in order to maximize synergies between these companies, monetize resources and capitalize good ideas and creative projects resulting from a larger union for excellence in the companies’ performance and in the relationship with partners and customers.

The creation of this holding allowed the transition of an existing project in theory to a reality that has benefited the structure of each company and the companies’ as a whole.

If you have a business proposal involving mergers or acquisitions, in line with our strategy, and would like to be considered by Special Edition Holding, please contact us.

Special Edition in Imagens de Marca
Special Edition and Muki at the tv program Imagens de Marca.
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