Operations / Muki
MUKI means Energy in Kikongo. It is with much energy and passion for the digital that MUKI is dedicated and committed in offering digital services to the market.

With a team more than 14 years experienced in web marketing and digital platforms, MUKI aims to help each client to benefit from the full potential of technology, platforms and digital tools in order to expand and enhance their business by extending their market, and modernize the way they communicate, facilitating interaction with partners, suppliers, customers and consumers.

Muki supports its customers through consulting and digital strategy definition integrated with the 'offline' strategy of every business, creating and managing websites, social media, email and mobile marketing, online advertising campaigns, and other related services, such as creating and managing domains and hosting, creating banners and videos, managing online advertising sales, and data analysis and reporting (web intelligence).

Contact us: info@muki.co.ao

Special Edition in Imagens de Marca
Special Edition and Muki at the tv program Imagens de Marca.
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