Operations / Pop

POP business stands on its creative solutions and processes’ optimization.

POP offers to the Angolan market the following services:
  • Visual Merchandising – aimed at all companies/brands that benefit from the boost of their sales, focuses on super and hypermarkets, shops, windows and points of sale, inside or outside commercial areas
  • Merchandising/Replacement – activity divided into ‘external’ and ‘outsourcing’ systems. In the external replacement system, POP trains the client’s teams; in the outsourcing system, the client subcontract POP’s merchandisers/restockers and POP deals with the entire process

Through a cost and time-efficient policy, POP aims to maximize sales and boost its clients’ exposure with innovative projects.

POP has 50 professionals in its team.

Special Edition in Imagens de Marca
Special Edition and Muki at the tv program Imagens de Marca.
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