Operations / Uanda - Comunicação Integrada e Relações Públicas

UANDA - Integrated Communication and Public Relations is the group company that works the communication and public relations consultancy sector.

UANDA, in kimbundo, means Net. And what UANDA offers as a team is a qualified professionals' network, a group of people one hundred percent dedicated to their clients.

In Angola, UANDA has been helping companies like Samsung, Refriango, Siemens, Martini Bacardi, Maersk, HP, TDA Automóveis, KFC Angola, Multichoice | DStv, ISPTEC and Standard Bank solidifying their brands, creating favorable environments to their professionals' performance, creating a positive perception of the brand, of the attitude and the interaction with the market, as well as building their own international and/or local partners' network, aiming a high standard performance.

UANDA integrates in its team 6 professionals, highly specialized in the communication industry.

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